2 Shipping Methods to choose from

a) Shipping + Tracking + Surprise Gift = US$22.90: The approximate Delivery Time is 2 to 4 weeks and a Surprise Gift is included. A Tracking Number will be supplied to you.

c) Free Shipping: Available on all orders. A Tracking Number will be supplied to you.




We do offer returns free of any fees or handling costs but you have to  pay to ship the product back to us. Depending on the shipping company that you pick, it will have different costs.

Important Clarification

The Delivery Times that we offer can vary depending on your Countries Customs and The Speed of your Local Post Office. The Estimated Time of Arrival of our products doesn’t account for Extreme Cases like, for example, to Countries like Mexico who’s Customs can take Months to release a package. On the opposite side of the spectrum we find Canada, UK, Sweden etc. (first world countries in general) not nearly as affected.

If you would like to know your order’s status you just have to e-mail us (contact@fearofgodapparel.com).